In 1997 Bruni Glass Spa gave life to “Progetto Millennio”, a biennial design competition addressed to young students from European Universities.

Right from the first edition the relationship with young students and schools created surprising and positive results. This enthusiastic approach spurred the company to further improve the next editions: the competition notice was better detailed thus increasing the number of schools involved and the product groups as well.  The competition - born to challenge the turn of the century with new ideas and shapes - is transformed in 2013 in  its image and name and is now named BRUNI GLASS DESIGN AWARD: today it is a permanent international competition.


Bruni Glass Design Award” (previously Progetto Millennio) is a biennial design contest for the creation of new glass containers for the food industry (bottles and containers with the mechanical hollow glass technology) addressed to students of some European design schools. The contest lasts for 8 months and is divided into three main sessions in which projects are submitted and modified until they reach the final model. Going through a very demanding selection activity the 20 finalist projects are submitted to the public’s judgment by presenting single plexiglass models during important exhibitions. The award ceremony takes place during a gala event where all finalists are celebrated and the winners get the money prizes established by the contest announcement.

All projects are registered and  covered by patent by Bruni Glass.


This competition is a real workshop where schools and the company work together for the whole duration of the contest with the necessary supports. It can be considered as a very important and satisfying educational experience. Teachers and students learn a lot about the production of mechanic hollow glass  and about all the steps to have a performing product which will be used on the market.






Bruni Glass Design Award is a contest which actually transforms dreams and aspirations of young designers into a real work opportunity.
Many projects submitted during the last 12 Editions have been launched on the market, thus becoming distinctive elements for some brands in the food industry. The authors of these projects are assigned not only the prizes according to the public’s judgment but also variable remuneration for 10 years based on the product impact on the market.